A downloadable game for Windows

    This is a game we made in NGC 2019 2-day game jam. The topic is combining 2 games from 20 classic games, like Bomberman,  Tetris, and Donkey Kong.

    We combined Bomberman with Pac-man and made this Pac-Bomberman.

    The game can be played with a keyboard, and it supports gamepads.


Level Design:    曾书扬 Shuyang Zeng    吴佳渠 Jiaqu Wu

Program:    毛常松 Changsong Mao    吴佳渠 Jiaqu Wu

Art:    朱果 Guo Zhu    黄怡然 Yiran Huang

Music:    毛常松 Changshong Mao


Pac-Bomberman.rar 20 MB

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